Bringing health, hope and clean water to First Nations communities

Bringing health, hope and clean water to First Nations communities

We are a 100% native-owned organization committed to developing innovative products and philanthropic solutions that support healthy lifestyles for First Nations people.

Our Beliefs

Right to Water Icon

Right to Water

We believe that all people have a right to clean drinking water, yet so many Indigenous communities are still under boil water advisories. Together with our partners, we are taking action to provide our water filtration units to these communities to provide clean drinking water as an interim solution until a permanent solution can be achieved.

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Wellness Protection

We also believe that traditional chemical solutions and standard cleaning procedures don’t stop the introduction or spread of viruses such as COVID-19. Our desire to keep our First Nations communities safe, led to our development of a safer, more effective multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner.

Our Products

Water Tap Filter over a Kitchen Sink Faucet

Water Filters

Our water filtration units can turn dirty tap water into safe, clean drinking water instantly! Our water filters include all the necessary tubing and accessories needed to convert a 5-gallon bucket into a low cost and long-lasting gravity water filtration system.

Healthy First Nations Product System

Sanitization Products

Our sanitization products are clinically proven to kill a range of bacteria and viruses at the source while maintaining a zero-toxicity rating and not requiring the use of PPE during application. Hypochlorous Acid kills microorganisms by rupturing the cell wall, rapidly denaturizing DNA, RNA and other proteins and eliminates the strains’ ability to become resistant over time.

We collaborate with First Nations charitable organizations to carry out our philanthropic mission to help bring clean drinking water solutions and sanitization products to promote health and wellness on reserves across Turtle Island.

Our Partners

Please contact us if you would like to partner with Healthy First Nations to bring our health and wellness solutions to Indigenous reserves in need.